Male Russian 1 MULT MIX

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Male Russian voice sounds like the voice of a troll, gnome, mysterious and magical good creature, evil antihero, shy cartoon character, and many others.

What characters of animated films, animated flash movies do you need to embody by a Russian voice?

This voiceover artist will cope with all the characters, heroes who have to speak in Russian. Moreover, this Russian voice actor at first can voice with comedic voice and then, the recording can be further processed so that the character will sound more fabulous, more cartoony.

In what projects the Russian cartoon actor voice is needed? These may be usual cartoons for children or even adults. These can be characters in computer games, as well as in their online versions. Educational applications for different age groups in various areas. For example, interactive dictionaries for students and developing games for children.

Are you interested in comedy Russian voice actor? Contact us and we will satisfy your need. Professionally and qualitatively!