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Russian Voice Over

If you need the voice-over for a Russian text to be made properly – with intonations, emphases and punctuation marks taken into account – don't hesitate to contact us. We'll provide the voice-over.

Delivery from Russia

We are located in St. Petersburg, in the Russian Federation. But this does not prevent us from delivering the Russian texts voiced by us to any country. Whether it be Canada, China, America, Australia, India or Argentina.


Professional approach allows us to claim that we are worthy to perform the most complex tasks in the field of working with text, voicing-over multimedia projects, creating musical settings.

We dare to say that customers who entrust us to perform the work are satisfied with the result. The balanced and adequate quality-to-price ratio of the services provided ensures the full achievement of the goals. Thanks to the clearly prescribed pricing policy, we can always suggest a way to optimize the budget.

We always try to stay within the allotted time and meet the deadline. We have a clear idea of the the amount of time this or that work takes. So our customers have nothing to worry about – the work will be done professionally, reasonably, and on time.

Need a Russian speaker?

In the «Russian Voice Over» section, there are listed male and female speakers. They are our staff voice-over artists.

We can also offer some other artists who speak Russian and live in Russia.
In the same section, below the title «All Russian speakers», you can listen to and choose from other sample records of Russian voices that we offer for voicing-over your projects in Russian.

Everything is extremely simple!

  1. Send us the text and your wishes regarding its voice-over.
  2. Indicate the sample audio record from our site you have chosen.
  3. Pay the required amount for the voice-over via PayPal.
  4. Receive your voice-over materials via FTP, e-mail or a file hosting service.



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