Male Russian 1 Jingle 3 Zebra

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Online broadcasting of radio stations, audio podcasts, and other channels need of a competent design of their air. These are such audio elements that identify the name of the radio channel or a web broadcast.

Design elements have to be made qualitatively and beautifully. And that is how we offer you to do, if you need the production of design elements for the sound air in Russian.

This is an example of jingle, performed by the Russian voiceover artist, native Russian language speaker.

The Russian voiceover artist voices jingles, logos, ID, short speeches, liners and other radio elements of online audio broadcast.

Take the opportunity to order the voice acting in Russian language and the creation of audio design of your YouTube channel, online audio streaming, and podcast on the website. Any tasks associated with voice acting of brand texts in Russian. Any tasks associated with the production of music, sounds, and effects. In general, if it is the audio design, then address to us!