Male Russian 1 DUBL 2

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You have no idea where to find a Russian voiceover artist, native Russian language speaker, who is able to efficiently and professionally carry out an order for the video dubbing voiceover?

Here is the voiceover artist example - an example of this field. This is a dubbing fragment, which is performed by Russian voice. This is a small audio excerpt from the video, where a foreign voice was removed, and Russian voiceover artist speech was inserted instead of it. The dubbing is performed in a conversational style.

Male voice of middle age well intones, and gets used to the role of a character in a shoot. The voiceover artist perfectly controls the timbre of his voice so that the sound of his voice never conflicts with the age, with complexion, or with intonations, or with the character’s mood in a shoot, whose voice is replaced by a new one. Russian voice in the performance of this voiceover artist as a result sounds as naturally as the Russian-speaking actor is in a shoot.

This voiceover artist has a huge experience in the field of dubbed voice acting movie in Russian, has an experience in working with sound while voice acting movies by dubbing. The combination of this experience with natural features and talent makes him an absolute professional, a master of his craft.

Please contact if you need services of localization of foreign films and foreign video into Russian by duplication (synchronous substitute) voice of actors.