Male Russian 1 DOK zakadr

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The texts voice acting by Russian voice for off-screen support of documentaries in Russian is another strong point of this voiceover artist. Listen to an example confirming this statement.

It is a narrative presentation by voice-over of the film devoted to the history of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.

In general, texts soaked with warmth, tranquility, peace, lyrics and even tragedy are greatly performed by this voiceover artist.

Warm deep voice of the Russian voiceover artist is characterized by a velvety timbre, has soft pliability. Voice is able to convey very subtly the intonation inherent in the texts in Russian language.

Assign the work on voice acting of the Russian text for this voiceover artist, and you will not be disappointed - the voiceover artist will cope with it professionally and brilliantly!