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Presenting your attention the voiceover artist, native Russian language speaker.

Large companies with a serious approach to their business are required to read presentations with the businesslike tone. Exactly this tonality is present in this audio example.

This is an example of reading the presentation text in Russian language for the company that produces sulfur. Slow flow, calm intonation and self-sufficiency in voice, express the face of company.

Presentational video clips, corporate films, audio instructions for internal use. The Russian voiceover artist is ready to record this everything for your company. Just a little bit and your video or presentational film will sound in Russian. Take the first step towards the voice acting of corporate texts about the company in Russian.

Download the file by clicking on the image with a cursor, or copy the name of this example and send us by e-mail. To calculate the cost of voice acting services in Russian by the voice of this voiceover artist do not forget to send all the materials that you have at this moment.

We specify that we can perform the «turnkey» work that is, do a translation into Russian language, voice acting by the Russian voice, processing and audio editing, and imposition of soundtrack on the video clip.