Male Russian 1 IST Zakadr

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The documentaries voice acting in Russian requires the participation of just a native language speaker. This is especially important, when a documentary film is intended for the Russian-speaking audience.

And the audio example is presented to your attention. This audio fragment of historical documentary film is about the Great Patriotic War. It is the off-screen voice acting of the Russian historical text. The film is broadcasting on TV channels in Russia.

Historical and biographical essays, stories, histories, and other films and programs that require the off-screen support with the voice in Russian sound qualitatively and artistically if they are performed by this voiceover artist, native Russian language. The voiceover artist, who has huge experience in the field of the off-screen voice acting. The voiceover artist, who in addition to a posed speech has gorgeous sound equipment, providing high-quality sound.

Do you need to voice a documentary, historical text in Russian language? Download this example or copy the file title and send us by e-mail. Do not forget to attach the text or other available materials (for example, links or videos).

If you need to translate the documentary film into Russian and then to voice it, then we can cope this. We do it qualitatively and professionally!