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In a century of fast developing Internet the boundaries between people are erased. People can even more touch the result of work of professionals from other countries. For example, to interactive learning games. And that it was possible at the highest possible level, the only obstacle should be overcome, which people tell about the legend of the Tower of Babel. The legend is about how it is happened that people speak in different languages.

Just imagine if all the people will understand each other communicating in a common language. All people over the Internet will be able to strengthen communications even more, so much that they can surpass the story of the Tower of Babel in much larger size.

But for now it is not possible - people have to translate one language into another. And in the above mentioned interactive games today translation from foreign languages into Russian language is called the localization of applications into Russian. And because not only the application interface is localized into Russian, but their sound component, so the characters voices in applications should also sound in Russian.

Exactly in the voice acting of interactive applications, games, and developing software offline and online solutions, this voiceover artist is considered a professional and master of his craft.

There are not just the voices of characters in applications (usually comic, cartoon voices), which can be seen in the game, but the off-screen voices. These are the voices that are voiced by the legends of games. Voices that help in mastering of the application interface. Voices that are heard off-screen and report important information to the user of an application, without which it is very difficult to understand the functionality of applications.

Listen exactly to an example of voice acting of the sound application by off-screen voice in Russian. Do you have a similar task on the localization of applications into Russian language, and you need to voice the text with the Russian voice to achieve it? Well, ask for help of this voiceover artist and he will not disappoint you in a result.