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What does the Russian male voice mean for you? Maybe it is the voice that voices the TV or radio advertising? Or the voice of a voiceover artist in documentary, feature or presentational film of the company? The voice of a character in the game, a voice actor in a shoot, a voice sounding from the telephone handset, when the subscriber calls your company?

There are a lot of different fragments collected in this audio example. This fragment shows the possibilities of the Russian male voice, professional skills and talents of this voiceover artist.

Listen to intonations, timbres, genres and styles, which operate this Russian voiceover artist. Areas, where the voice of Russian voiceover artist works the most clearly and effectively.

Ask for the services of this voiceover artist, if you need high-quality work on the voice acting of the Russian text by a native speaker.

We are waiting for your request to us and will be happy to provide any advisory assistance relating to the texts voice acting in Russian.

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