Voice Over of the Text, Additional Processing, or «Key Ready»

Voice Over the Text, Additional Processing, or «Key Ready» — there were certain reasons for the article to receive this title. Here are they.

Customers' requests vary. When there is a need to voice something over (a text, presentation, video, voicemail greeting, etc), some customers may not assume that the voice-over services are provided «as is» – that on the principle of a chain that consists of the following links:

The speaker stands by the microphoneThe recording is startedThe recording is stoppedThe resulting file is sent to the customer



In this case, the result of the speaker's work is saved as one audio file and sent to the customer in the raw form that was received after the recording was stopped. It is a regular recording of the Russian speaker's voice, which can later be subject to additional processing, which in particular includes:

  • Composing the fragments into a single audio file.
  • Providing the required processing of the sound track.
  • Laying over the music and sound effects
  • Splitting the recording and saving the fragments as different files.
  • Providing the files with different names.
  • Inserting the necessary tags (for mp3 files).
  • Combining it with a video file.
  • Other activities.


Voice Over of the Text

Our audio recording studio provides all the above-listed services. But if you want to save money and are able to edit the audio file on your own, perhaps the following scheme will best suit your needs: Opt for the voice-over of the Russian text without any additional services. Herewith:

  • Short texts are usually sent to the customer with several doubles recorded.
  • Long texts, larger that one page, are sent to the customer as one uninterrupted recording.
  • Very long texts, such as audiobooks, long presentations, audio reviews, can be sent as separate fragments that correspond to the sections of the text (e.g. chapters.)


It should be noted that the process of voicing a text over does not imply any editing or processing of the audio file; the result is just a regular recording of the voice. You will have to perform all the subsequent actions and operations with the audio files on your own, depending on your needs.

We offer simple voice-over services for you to be able to save the largest possible part of your budget. The service includes the minimal set of actions that can be ordered. And, as noted above, you will have to get the sound into the proper shape on your own.


Additional Processing of the Voice-Over File

We do not intend to set any restrictions, and that's why everything that needs to be applied to the voice recording can sure enough be done at our recording studio. But you should let us know about this requirement of yours in advance, as it will increase the scope of work, as well as the total cost.

But that's not all! For example, you have informed us that you need the recording to be edited, processed and synchronized with the video you have also sent us. And you want to receive the result of our work as a ready-processed audio file devoid of doubles, breathing, pauses. In this case, you will have to lay the sound track over the video on your own, because you have not informed us about this particular requirement of yours.


«Key Ready» Studio Services

As for the work performed on the «turnkey» basis, when the result is sent as a ready-processed file, all the additional works to be done to the recording of the speaker's voice should be discussed individually. Depending on desired results, peculiarities of the project in question, the intended way of publishing and playing the resulting file, it may require various types of work.

Of course, you can say that the message of this article is something that goes without saying – but you are likely to think so just because you are «in the picture». There are customers who have not the slightest idea of such division and specifics of the services.

That is why all the services regarding the work with recordings of the speaker's voice should be negotiated individually. Starting from regular editing and finishing with converting the ready-processed file into the required format – all these services can be included to the requirements specification of the «key ready» project.