The order formation of voice acting in Russian

by Voice Russian
on 05 September 2015
The order formation of voice acting in Russian

When a customer comes to the store for a product, he selects among available options, and is free to compare prices, read a description, select a desired product and purchase it. When it comes to services of Russian voiceover artists, first of all, it is necessary to take care of the task formation. Various kinds of services of Russian voiceover artists require a different approach in terms of task formulation. We will try further to consider issues that affect the correct statement of the providing services of the text voice acting in Russian.

Any task besides individual characteristics has general features, the elucidation of which is required anyway. Let us examine them at the beginning.

  • Title. Appeal. Letter subject. Thesis. Try, if possible, to express a goal you want to achieve in a single sentence. Generalize a large amount of information in the first sentence and place in the title in the letter subject.
  • Available material. Sources. Outlines. Script. Provide all available materials, do not wait when we will ask to provide them (after all, we will be able not to ask). For a complete task understanding, all provided materials will help a lot. And not the materials providing can mislead us and complicate the process of finding out the details.
  • Question. Request. Interested information. Try to formulate specific questions that need to be solved at the very beginning. First of all, questions, answers, which you are interested in. Consultations - free of charge! We do not ask money for consultations. Is this a question of informational nature relating to the required service? - Ask it in its entirety. Are you interested in terms of providing services of the Russian text voice acting and do you have two options for task formulation (for example, different amounts of the Russian text for voice acting, the desire of voice acting by Russian male voice, Russian female voice)? - Ask them all entirety. Do not wait at first answer to one question, then another. Ensure yourself to obtain comprehensive information and make it easier for the early achievement of the request purposes.

Here are common moments, which we advise to follow in the request formation. Now, let us consider what information is required for us to provide various services.

Work on the voice acting of Russian text implies a certain amount. Accordingly, the Russian text amount is required firstly to evaluate. However, measurement units may be different.


Measurement units of the Russian text amount:

  • Voice greetings in Russian. - The number of words in one greeting
  • Advertising in Russian. - The number of words in one ad product.
  • Design elements in Russian. - Number of sentence-elements.
  • Presentations by Russian voiceover artists. - The number of words.
  • Audio books voice acted by Russian voiceover artists. - The number of words.
  • Voice acting video in Russian. - The number of words and the duration of a voice acting video.
  • There is no Russian text and does it need to be prepared? – We will need the terms of reference for the Russian text preparation (text versions in foreign languages, videos, etc. will be needed).


Additional works with the voiceover in Russian

Be sure to let us know in the task formulation of the Russian text voice acting, whether you want to perform additional work, except for the voice acting by the Russian voiceover artist.

For example, it may require the processing, that is, the works will be performed, aimed at adapting the Russian sounding, increasing of the Russian voice density, possibly, with the use of special processing. Perhaps, the processing purpose can be the certain requirements of the sound level, sound pressure, AFC parameters (amplitude-frequency characteristics).

Why not to do an optimized Russian voiceover with bright and dense sound? - Some customers will ask. However, not all the customers require the optimized voiceover. Therefore, we provide the original sound as the sent material, that is, the record without processing.

In addition to the processing, the edition may be also required. What does the edition mean? Many people ask - what is the edition of voiceover in Russian? What is the essence of the voiced text in Russian edition?

Whether see the original record of the Russian voice itself contains reservations, breathing, doubles with different reading, sometimes with different tempos of voiceover. This sound is suitable only for further work with it. But this sound is not still the ready audio. The original sound is raw material, which it is necessary to tinker with.

Again, some customers will wonder - Why not to give the audio already edited?

But excuse me, when you buy a dozen eggs, you are not sold a fried egg or pie! Although, if an organization provides similar services, for sure a fried egg and delicious pie will be cooked from these eggs for you. Naturally, for an additional fee upon prior agreement.

So we offer the opportunity to purchase the Russian voiceover for the lowest price, and as additional options it can be edited and processed. Generally, more of these options give more flexible pricing and accordingly, more opportunities to save.

Further it is more. And more complicated. The Russian voiceover may perhaps require to be processed, edited, synchronized with other materials (audio, video), brought together (rendering), cut into pieces and saved in separate files. Additionally, there can be requirements to the sound level and AFC sound, size and format of the file. These requirements should be necessarily specified at the stage of the terms of reference matching. The standard file format, provided as a ready-made, is found the mp3 format. But if you need a different format and special file characteristics, it is required to specify them in mandatory basis.


The duration, which should be get in the ready audio

This characteristic relates namely to the final product. That is, the original sound (which contains pauses, doubles, and breathing) may have duration of 3 minutes, and the ready audio after edition becomes with duration of 1 minute.

Many customers are often confused here and believe mistakenly - if they are provided with the sound of long duration, so such a voiceover will be more expensive. It is the same with the tempo of reading. The quick voiceover does not mean cheaper. The reading tempo does not affect the cost. This is one of the reasons why we try to avoid taking the material duration as the unit for calculating in the cost formation. This fact provides more transparent pricing. Although, there are a number of services, where the duration directly affects the cost. For example, video voice acting in Russian. Available video with the specified timekeeping sets the degree of price. However, the number of words of voice acting Russian text is also important.

When making an order for voice acting, do not place us in the category of enemies, who talk to each other as little as possible. After all, in fact, you can get less in terms of result efficiency. Accept us for the working period in your circle, do not hesitate to describe the problem in all its guises. For example, you order just the Russian voiceover with soulful intonations and then plan to carry out the edition yourself, processing and superimposition on music. Be so generous to dedicate us in this mystery and give us the music you are going to use. And then to the wish of "voice acting with soulful intonations" you may add others. Such requests as "elevated", "with a big smile", etc. Just automatically. You will not need to look up words. And there is nothing more difficult than trying to express by words this creative task. It is better to show us all the available material and more accurate to express this purpose.

It is very useful to accompany the terms of reference with examples, links to similar projects on the Internet, works made earlier that you consider standard.

Summing up the above, we can summarize and say - every nuance is important. It is not just words. Provision even the most minor details in the terms of reference can drastically correct the course to the goal. Generally, looking at the initial request, a brief terms of reference, we ask clarifying questions. But keep in mind, no one but you know the purpose of the request better than you do. Yes, we are experts you can rely on. But we are not magicians and fantastic telepathists. So be honest with us and control yourself all stages of the order formation for the text voice acting by Russian voices.