Services of Russian voiceover artists

by Voice Russian
on 31 August 2015
Services of Russian voiceover artists

Today, however, during a long time, services of voiceover artists can be provided via the Internet. An order for the voiceover and getting the voiced material can be made via the Internet. Let us examine this issue in more detail, namely: will show the list of areas, where voiceover artists operate, and will cover this specificity as brief as possible.

The services of Russian voiceover artists include such works, which are based on the text reading. But the singing is often attributed to the services of Russian voiceover artists. Although the singing is a service of Russian singers.

Activities carried out by Russian voiceover artists are united by a single name - the voiceover.


But services provided by Russian voiceover artists are:

  • Voiceover of Russian texts.
  • Voice acting of video presentations
  • Voice over of audio commercial
  • Scoring of video commercial
  • Voiceover of greetings
  • Voiceover of ivr menu
  • Scoring of audio books
  • Voice acting of games
  • Voice acting of documentaries
  • Scoring of feature films
  • Voice over of cartoons
  • Scoring of animated videos
  • Voice acting of flash clips
  • Voice acting of selling commercials
  • Voice over of video sellers
  • Voice acting of audio guides
  • Scoring of navigators
  • Voice acting of dictionaries
  • Voice acting of applications
  • Voice over of design packages
  • Voice over of bases for voice engine
  • Voice acting of slogans
  • Scoring of logos
  • Voice acting of real tones
  • Voice acting of real bectons
  • Scoring of trailers
  • Scoring of jingles
  • Voice acting of courses
  • Scoring of lessons


Reading of the Russian text into the microphone.

The recording and providing the reading record for a customer. This service means the voice acting of text and recording in one file. A record is provided as an audio file, where the voice of a voiceover artist is recorded.

When you apply for services of Russian voiceover artist, you should clearly understand the specifics of these services. In terms of an ordinary customer, ignorant of the voiceover services specifics, and in the sound recording at all, the voiceover text reading service is likely to be expected in the receiving form of the completed product of full value that will increase sales, inform an audience, promote a product etc., that is, such a product that will be ready for use. However, it is not true!

Does a customer apply for the voiceover service and expect to receive a product of full value? He is under a delusion! To make the result of voiceover artist work complete, it is necessary to work with the record, to carry out post-processing, that is, to make commercial the voice of Russian voiceover artists in the recording sound.

Dear customers! Applying to us for voiceover services, remember - you can order as the voice acting service in Russian language alone, as the audio post-processing service or the work on the «turnkey» project.

After the Russian voice recording, the work of Russian voiceover artist finishes. And already at this stage the result can be given to a customer. Of course, if it is necessary to receive exactly the reading and payment for the voiceover artists services.

The post-processing service of voice acting record requires the skills of a sound engineer, and the «turnkey» work extends the range of involved professionals at all. After all, this can be Russian translators, and handlers of the Russian text, and editors of the Russian text, and copywriters, and specialists on video creation in Russian language.

Thus, we would like you to arm with this basic knowledge of the thesaurus responsibilities of experts concerning each activity. And applying to us to understand the following:


Work with Russian text services

All the operations with the Russian text before its voice acting, do not apply to the voiceover service. These services are considered services of the text work. A voiceover artist will never arbitrarily correct the Russian text. Even in the case of getting for voice acting not quite correctly composed text. And what? It may be conceived like this!

Maybe the master likes such a text! Eventually, Russian voiceover artists understand - not every customer of the services of Russian voiceover artist is able to afford himself the additional services of a professional copywriter or even a corrector of the Russian text.

Of course, if not competently composed text goes beyond the aesthetic frameworks, which every self-respecting voiceover artist has, so the Russian voiceover artist will probably simply refuse to read such a text. This happens very rarely, because any customer paying for the voiceover does not want to leave money on the table. Therefore, more or less correct text is usually composed by customers, even bypassing the services of masters on work with the Russian text.


Services of Russian voiceover artist

Russian voiceover artist services include the text reading by the voiceover artist and voice recording through a microphone. This is so-called the voiceover. Of course, the term of «voiceover» does not mean any particular manner or style of the reading, but only specifies lack of need for additional works. The voiceover allows a customer to save, but also requires further work with the provided voiceover.


Services of Russian post-production

The post-production is completely the responsibility of a sound engineer, and often involves a lot of work with the sound. The post-production is not connected with the voiceover artist work, as the post-production is a completely different category (responsibility area of a specialist of a certain type of work) thesaurus. Everything that is made with the sound after the «Stop» button clicking on after recording is not connected with the services of Russian voiceover artist.

After clicking on the «Stop» button the material is exactly the same as the Russian voiceover artist pronounced it. It means that slips of the tongue, doubles, breathing and other noises of a voiceover artist got into the record (the rustling of clothes in pauses, coughing, jokes, etc.), comments on the text - everything listed above is an integral part of the voiceover and accompanies each voiceover, maybe not in the complete list, but in the part one - 100%.

Proceeding from the aforesaid, as probably you have already guessed, the statement of the incompleteness of the work result of Russian voiceover artist becomes not devoid of basis.

If you pay for the work of Russian voiceover artist, you get the voiceover as the performed work that is raw material.

The service of Russian voiceover artist was paid, so the service was made by a voiceover artist. Get the material. If that is not enough, it is necessary to discuss the requirements in advance not only the services of a voiceover artist, but also additional works of certain types with the sound. Eventually, these services can be ordered separately later.

But it should be considered - if we are not aware of your idea about creating the project that is the risk of the need for rerecording the text, and therefore additional payment for Russian voiceover artist services. This circumstance may be the consequence of the fact that you told us too late the important key points.

That is why do not hesitate to let us know the details. We are not your enemy, but helpers. Of course, the degree of the details disclosure is decided by you. And the disclosure of details - exactly the area of your responsibility. The detailed description of details - nothing but terms of references.


The «turnkey» work

And finally, work on the Russian «turnkey» project. In this case, there is no need to prove - this work includes more than just the services of Russian voiceover artist.

In fairness, let us say - Russian voiceover artist can provide additional services. For example, often there are cases when a voiceover artist corrects the text or translates into other language. But the above mentioned proof of different types of work is given to the fact that they need to be paid accordingly for the amount. And the most important - your awareness of this guarantees the absence of misunderstandings and waste of money to pay for alterations.