Get Your Russian Text Voiced-Over - The Domain Of Use

by Voice Russian
on 05 February 2015
Get Your Russian Text Voiced-Over - The Domain Of Use

Each service has a certain target area, its own consumer environment and domain of use. In a similar fashion, the voice-over services have their own major domain. However, in connection with the growth of related industries, its domain of demand – or consumer environment – expands correspondingly. Let us give this interesting topic a more detailed consideration.

All topics and questions similar to such as:

  • Where can I order a voice-over in Russian?
  • The voice-over of typed out Russian words.
  • How to voice-over a Russian text?
  • Russian texts in audio format.
  • Who performs the voice-over of Russian texts?
  • The voice-over of phrases by a Russian speaker.

Are related to the topic of searching for services and professionals in the field of recital of Russian texts. On the other hand, in practice, it also happens that people look specifically for automated services. On the Internet, such functional capabilities provide the opportunity to upload the text into a special field on the web-site, and then save the voiced text on your computer as a ready audio file. This category includes both translating services with voicing and online services of sampling and voice synthesis. However, such services absolutely lack the human (in the broadest sense of the word) voice-over quality. A text voiced by such services features incorrect intonations, improper pauses and emphases, sometimes even wrong word stresses. On the other hand, purely technical information can be reproduced with a rather decent quality level, which is especially pleasing if the service is free.

Services of the kind come in handy, for example, when you need to find out how to pronounce this or that word. Some people are happy applying them for voicing-over books or even movies. Surely, it is an understandable fact, because with some educational materials or technical texts you pursue the goal of simply achieving informative value, rather than spending time on reading out the text. In this case, the aesthetic aspect can be neglected.

As for imaginative literature, it is obviously not a way to receive a high-quality voice-over. That is, if you need intonations, emphases, expectant pauses, tones, mood, acting, liveliness, fluency, brightness and other amenities of the human voice, this is not a case where you can do great without real, human speakers. In fact, if you go and make a recording of a recital by a speaker of underwhelming reading-out skills, you will find out that such a recording contains as many sophisticated nuances as no technology in the whole world could possibly produce. We are accustomed to the sound of human speech. We hear the voices of people around us. And we don’t even pay attention to the fact that what we listen to is not only a combination of sounds, syllables and words. We perceive a lot more information.

As a speaker and sound engineer with many years of experience in the fields related to sound processing, I put forward the assumption that the sounds themselves, i.e. the pronunciation of letters as it is performed by voicing services, carry only a small fraction of the information communicated. Much greater data packages are communicated when we hear human speech. As a matter of course, it cannot be expressed in figures, for example, in megabytes. A passage voiced by an automated system and the same passage voiced by a real person will have virtually identical “weight” in kilobytes. However, in terms of impact on the listener, the recording of the human voice will be conveying much more information, thus triggering a brighter response and bringing aesthetic pleasure.

So, who may need the voiceover of a Russian text? Who needs it to be performed specifically by a human voice-over actor? Who needs recordings of the voice of native Russian speakers?

You will probably think for a moment, gather your thoughts and provide just a couple of examples. But as a matter of fact, we're simply so accustomed to it that we do not pay attention to encountering it daily and even hourly. Well, think for instance of oil. Do you know that gasoline is made from petroleum? Of course! You don't have to be a scientist to know that. But what about the fact that vaseline and rubber are also made from petroleum? The screen you’re looking at as you read this article also contains petroleum. Even your perfume does include petroleum-derived components.

Naturally, you don’t have to know about all those facts. Much more important is that the product must be safe for health. However, this very fact shows just how interdependent all areas are.

The Internet. The virtual planet. The wealth of knowledge. The gold-mine of information. For some people it is a medium of learning and entertainment. For some other people it is a tool for earning money. The rapid growth in the sphere of rendering voice-over services is eminently associated with the development of the Internet. You cannot transfer food over the Internet, although there are services where you order your food, delivery included. But it’s all the same: you cannot go without an offline contact with the delivery guy. On the other hand, the result of work of the Russian speaker can be fully transferred to the customer over the Internet.

Moreover, the Internet not only helps deliver voice-overs by Russian speakers; it is also a domain that needs them. Websites, blogs, online corporate portals – they all contain materials where texts voiced by actors are used.

As sure as fate, there are site owners who would argue that they do not need the voice-over by real speakers, that media content occupies a lot of space, is slow to load and leads to losing visitors… This was true in the past century, but now, when the social factor bursts into the Internet and is referred to by each and every site promotion advertising agency, without the media materials, it is very difficult to be on the wave of demand, in the top of search results, on the grinder of the rumor mill. And again: unnoticed by anyone, it works and yields generously. Nevertheless, for a voice-over artist, the Internet is rather a tool than an end user (i.e. the customer). This is due to the fact that the results of his or her work are needed and used not only in the Internet, but also outside the web.

So, here is the list of places, mediums or organizations where the work of Russian speakers is needed for voicing-over the text. That being said, I will not forget that I am also a sound engineer, sound designer and composer. Services of this kind will also be mentioned in the list given below. By the way, I believe that many voice-over artists agree with the statement that in these latter days a voice-over artist has an indisputable advantage if he or she is able to process the recording and provide the associated complex services. Now let us proceed to the presentation of the list.

Who Needs The Voice Over Of A Russian Text?

The voice-over services are oriented as a B2B (business-to-business) interaction. That is, the voice-over services are mainly needed to perform different tasks in the business. However, individuals may also need to employ the said services.

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Motion picture industry
  • Advertising agencies
  • Event agencies
  • Game developers
  • Application developers
  • Video studios
  • Translation agencies
  • Web-site designers
  • Creators of various courses
  • Publishing agencies
  • Film distribution organizations
  • Call centers
  • Trade associations
  • System administrators
  • Content providers
  • Artists, DJs

Now I will list the products that make use of voiced-over texts.


The Russian Voice Over For Radio And Television

The voice-over of Russian texts of commercials for later use on radio and TV. More often than not, voice-over artists are offered cooperation in this field by production departments of radio stations and TV channels. The speaker is sent the texts of commercial videos. After receiving the voiced-over material, specialists of the company perform on-site edit of the promotional products.

The Russian voice-over of radio or TV channels. The airwaves of radio and TV broadcasting are completely structured and branded. I mean that every radio company and every television channel have their own approved package of sounds that are constantly used on the air. Such distinguished sounds allow us not only to understand what we are going to hear next, but also to guess what airwave or channel our receiving device is broadcasting.

Worth noting, some broadcasting companies do not have sufficient professional resources to produce high-quality promotion and advertisement products. I often satisfy requests not only to voice-over Russian texts, but also to create commercial videos, jingles and other design elements.


The Voice Over By Russian Speakers In The Motion Picture Industry

In the film industry, the Russian voice-over services are limited to the off-screen voice-over and dubbing. Film companies usually invite speakers and voice-over artists to their properly equipped studios. But in some cases, they may be satisfied with the work being done remotely, i.e. over the Internet. Some companies find it especially convenient, if they are sent the audio track recorded by the actor, or several tracks if several speakers are involved. Having a willing heart and using his or her professional capabilities and contacts with other speakers, every voice-over artist is able to offer services to customers of the kind. I have had the opportunity not only to voice-over film scripts, but also to invite my colleagues – speakers and actors – to participate in the work. And after that, it was me who edited the recorded materials.


The Russian Voice Over For Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies can send you various and sundry Russian texts for voicing-over. As a matter of course, the texts are mostly of promotional nature; however, the spheres of application of the voice-over are very diverse here. Advertising agencies develop advertising campaigns, perform the function of the organizer of production process and are responsible for conducting the advertising campaign. The specific character of texts submitted for voicing-over depends on the advertising agency. And, of course, such organizations make great use not only of the voice-over services, but also of the editing services for the final product. And in most cases, the latter are the services the agencies receive.


The Russian Voice Over For Event Agencies

Parody and character voice-overs, audio accompaniments by a speaker are the services ordered by event agencies. For example, event agencies often need congratulatory voice-overs in Russian. Depending on the sphere the event agency works in, you may receive very diverse, sometimes surprising voice-over tasks. You either have to perform voicing-over for a video clip in the form of a parody of the president’s congratulatory speech. Or to record a New Year greeting from the Santa Claus. To create a sound setting package for an event. To edit and combine the voice-over recording with music or sounds. All these services are sure enough actively employed by event agencies.


The Voice Over Of Russian Texts For Game And Program Developers

Game developers regularly need character voice-overs. For the voice-over to be made, you are sent the Russian texts that describe the disposition of the characters and are complemented by their pictures. Sometimes each phrase of the particular character is accompanied by the picture of the situation the hero is currently in. This provides the clearest idea of the required intonations and allows the actor who performs the voice-over to immense oneself into the proposed circumstances more deeply.

Game and program developers, as a rule, need not the Russian voice-over alone; what they need is that you provide them with ready-to-use files. Such files may be just edited ones, or processed and combined with other sounds and effects. Sounds of the environment, sounds of actions, special effects and music themes are also the content ordered by game developers from voice-over providers.

Application developers need voice-overs of Russian texts related to the topic of the application. For example, if it is an educational application based specifically on interactive usage of the audio, there will be a lot of text to voice-over. Possible are also voice-overs that will be reproduced in the program occasionally. Various buttons, pop-ups, actions and events may be accompanied by sounds. And again, in the vast majority of cases, program or application developers need to receive not the raw voice-over recording that requires further processing, but ready-to-use files. And often they add special requirements as to the technical parameters of the sound. The capability to satisfy such requests professionally will only strengthen the relations and facilitate closer collaboration.


The Voice Over Of Russian Texts For Video Studios

What do video studios do? As a matter of course, they create videos! But what about the audio? Just when it is needed to make a voice-over of the Russian text, it is the time for them to employ services of Russian speakers. A large flow of voiced-over content is provided in fields such as infographics, marketing videos and presentations. Such projects are used in the Internet – on sites and in social networks.

Art style and design of TV programs are also the field of focus of video studios. And the work on voicing-over such projects is the activity of Russian speakers. When performing voice-over tasks, the complex accompaniment consists in creating ready-to-use audio tracks that only need to be laid over the footage and imported into the video clip.


The Russian Voice Over Services For Translation Agencies

With the development of the media production on the Internet, many opportunities have opened up for translation agencies. Translations of diverse content into Russian and vice versa are accompanied by voice-over orders. And since no translation agency specializes in voicing-over – to speak more precisely, they do not have staff speakers and do not develop the required technical capabilities – it is quite normal and logical to hand this task on a remote Russian-speaking voice-over artist.

It does not matter for the end customer whether it is a remote speaker or not, whether the studio is located in the agency's office or in another city or country. What matters for the customer is that he or she wants to receive a high-quality translation professionally voiced-over by a native Russian speaker.

Consequently, translation agencies regularly send me tasks to voice-over a text in Russian. It may be the voice-over of Russian translations of the content of foreign web-sites, diverse interesting media content for social networks, corporate materials (video clips, presentations, educational video courses, etc.).


The Russian Voice Over Services For Site Developers And Owners

Site developers have a very good understanding of the importance of social factors for development and promotion. If materials that the visitors demand are present on the site, it leads to the steep growth of traffic and makes the web-site much more popular. Why do they need to write text content, work on promoting their site, if there is the opportunity of creating and publishing an interesting audio and video material in Russian? At the present day such an approach ensures the maximum possible effectiveness in reaching the goals of promoting the web-site.

There are also web-site developers and owners who prefer creating one hundred percent unique and original content; however, their numbers are few. On the large scale, it is just a re-processing of the already existing materials. Such an approach does have its reasons. You can base only on those materials that have already proved that they are relevant and important for users in some areas. In a way, these are ideas based on a clear scenario. You just have to bring them to life in a new iteration, new wrapping. The existing materials are re-processed: new texts and videos are created. And then the material is sent to a speaker to receive a Russian voice-over.

Very important is the ability to offer site developers and owners the opportunity to receive not only a voice-over in Russian, but also services such as translation, video creation, combining audio with video, that is a complex package of services on the “turn-key” basis. Such complexity and comprehensiveness is very convenient because it’s a good way to save money. And if necessary, we are ready to render complex services to our customers.


The Russian Voice Over For Creators Of Courses

Video and audio reviews, podcasts, video clips in Russian… Any materials intended to be viewed by the target audience of the web-site. And as a rule, such materials are physically placed not on the sites, but on the video hosting services, such as YouTube.

When a training course is created, there are questions that arise one way or another:

  • How the voice-over of the course will be made?
  • Will it be performed using the author’s own resources, which usually leads to poor quality, or will everything be done professionally?

As one might expect, the voice-over of courses, training programs, video tutorials naturally implies processing large amounts of Russian texts. The speaker receives materials of diverse specificity to be voiced-over. Very often, these texts abound with specific, professional terms.


The Voice Over Of Russian Content For Publishers

The book. In a short period of time, the book has made several reincarnations. At first the book was scanned. Then the text was recognized or typed out again. And now the text gets to be voiced by a human: read out by a speaker, recorded by a microphone and saved as an audio file.

The scanned book can be viewed with the help of special software called the image viewer. The text can be read in the text editor. The audio file can be listened to through headphones or speakers.

Every person determines for themselves which way is the most convenient, but it is clear as day that listening to an audio book will be preferred by the vast majority.

And if previously books were often voiced illegally, purely out of some personal motives and interests, at the present day the process involves more and more publishers, that is organizations that are officially and legally engaged in publishing and printing books.

Publishing houses send over the texts of books to be voiced-over by Russian speakers. Once the audio file is ready, it will be distributed either as an addition in the shape of a disk to the paper version of the book, or as its alternative format.


The Russian Voice Over For Film Distribution Organizations

Film distribution organizations that are engaged in translation, dubbing and localization of feature, popular science and documentary video content in the Russian language often seek the services of remote voice-over.

It is very convenient for them to receive an audio track recorded in Russian that can be laid over the original audio track, imported into the video and eventually distributed. In such a manner, the company eliminates the need for having a professional studio and staff speakers.

Besides the voice-over services, the customer can submit a film in a foreign language and request receiving it in Russian, ready for distribution. In this case, the speaker will have to do additional work, including:

  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Detection
  • Processing and editing
  • Rendering

As a matter of course, a great thing is if all these works are carried out in one place. It is important in order to both save time and money and ensure quality performance of the required work due to the maximum coherence at all stages of the project under the name "”Film Voice Over”.


The Russian Voice Over Services For The Telephone Industry

There are many organizations that provide services in the telephony industry, as well as call-centers and carriers. They offer various services to their clients. One of them consists in providing customers with the opportunity to create customized voice greetings in Russian.

The client makes up texts and the organization undertakes the responsibility to produce the corresponding voice greetings. Then these greetings are heard by callers instead of the beeps.

But these texts for voice greetings are not going to be voiced by office workers via the microphone. It is necessary that the texts are voiced by professional speakers, with the help of high-quality equipment. When requested, musical background can be added to the voice greetings.

The voice greeting often consists of several blocks, or files. In this case, the greeting becomes part of the menu. For example, first you hear the main greeting, and after clicking on the grid the advertisement is reproduced.

The main feature of creating a voice greeting is that in each individual case you have to request specifics of the required technical characteristics of the sound files. Good understanding of these characteristics ensures smooth placement of the greetings on the line, as well as long partnership relations with carriers.


The Russian Voice Over Services For Merchandising Organizations

In the field of voicing-over Russian texts, many orders account for commercial organizations. In this case, there is clear division:

  1. Multiple doubles of voicing-over the text are made and the file is sent to the customer for further processing. In this instance, the customer is able to process and edit the sound, to make videos. The processing is done either by a representative of the trade organization responsible for the audio content in the air, or by a third-party expert in charge of the broadcast of sound on the shopping premises.
  2. Creating a finished product. This service is required when the customer has no specialists able to additionally process the sound. In this case, the customer needs a ready-to-use audio advertisement that can be immediately reproduced by the audio broadcasting system of the business premises.

As you can see, complex service packages come in handy here, too: the submitted text is not only voiced over by a Russian speaker, but also additionally processed and edited.

Equally important are the technical features of broadcasting equipment, the entire system and room acoustics. If the cooperation on creating sound files for merchandise organizations is long-term, the single format, volume level, sound pressure and frequency characteristics are agreed by the partners. Best parameters are found by practical consideration, and after the best possible sound on the shopping premises is achieved, each subsequent file will be delivered with the most suitable characteristics.


The Russian Voice Over Services For System Administrators

In many companies, system administrators supervise various tasks related to content creation, which are subsequently transferred to the area of responsibility of a Russian voice-over artist. For example, there is a task to record a greeting and put it on the office telephone exchange. This should not happen by recording the secretary’s voice via the low-quality headset microphone! However, things like this do happen…

Also, system administrators sometimes order the voice-over of Russian texts intended for use within the network. For example:

  1. Audio instructions on safety at work for the Russian-speaking staff
  2. First aid instructions, corporate policy instructions
  3. It may even be an audio file containing morning exercises for production workers.

Things a system administrator is responsible for do vary. And as a rule, the system administrator is the most competent staff member to carry out tasks of the kind.

However, regardless of the system administrator’s competence, prowess and expertise are at the top of the tree speaking of the production issues in sound recording. Therefore, the voice-over of the text may also require additional work with the sound.


The Russian Voice Over Services For Content Providers

Organizations involved in the delivery of media content to their customers; content providers that catalog their content. They order content creation from Russian speakers, and then provide their customers with a license to use these materials. To give a few examples, this can include diverse mobile content: ringtones, real tones, ring-back tones. These are short entertaining audios, comedy audio sketches, jokes, rhymes, songs, etc.

Some providers order the simple service of voicing-over the Russian text. It means, they have the ability and opportunity to work with the file using their own resources and to make it shine. Others order their product to be delivered in the “key-ready” shape.

The thematic focus of such orders varies greatly. It can be an order of seasonal nature, such as ”New Year Ring Back Tone Package”, or a genre one, such as “Sexy Package 18+” The hierarchy, the directory structure and the content thesaurus of providers are enormous.


The Voice Over Of Russian Texts For DJs And Artists

Artists and DJs may also need services for the voice-over of a text in Russian. For example, it can be an announcement for promotions or a jingle for the artist’s or DJ’s performance. Here the requirement is also either to voice-over the text and deliver it to the customer in the raw form as is (right after the recording is made), or to subject the sound to some additional processing.

For example, the production of a Russian jingle for a DJ will require special sound design skills. You will need to make a high-quality recording and process the soundtrack, to apply morphing effects, to choose special effects, sounds and spacing, perhaps even to re-write the music component. It all depends on the wishes expressed by the customer and, as a matter of course, on the budget allocated for the production.


These are the tasks Russian voice-over artists, sound designers, sound engineers and other specialists take on. And, as a rule, it all begins with a simple order to perform the voice-over of a Russian text.

To have your text voiced-over by a speaker in a studio, via a professional microphone and with the help of high-quality equipment. To have additional works associated with your order and included into the project done. To have the work performed to high standards, at a reasonable price and on time. Contact us to have all the above-listed done. Place your order right now on the page Order.