Who is engaged in scoring of texts

by Voice Russian
on 01 January 2015

As well as in any other business, in the sphere of scoring of texts there are the experts who are taking part in customer service process. And let direct scoring of the text is done by announcers, nevertheless, also other types of works that the needs of customers on scoring of texts were met fully are necessary.

Together with announcers on a field of scoring of texts sound producers who provide with the skill and ability of work with the equipment a qualitative sound work. Copywriters and editors are engaged in editing texts, check on mistakes and creation of texts as required. Well and of course managers. They conduct dialogue with clients by the sound producer and announcers who with skill sell a product of professional activity of announcers and the sound producer. Product, name, to which scoring.

Let's consider in more detail process of scoring from creation of idea until receiving a product.

Creation of the text (preparation of the text for scoring)

Actually, creation of the text is that part in which the foundation for future success of all project is laid. And there are only two options:

  1. The customer independently prepares the text.
  2. The customer completely delegates creation of the text to the expert.

In case of independent preparation of the text by the customer always there is an option when this text still can be corrected. In the course of such adjustment, the text is cleared of mistakes. If necessary, the text is reformulated. The essence can be brought to the forefront more brightly, giving will become more aggressive, advertizing. And can and vice versa, will become veiled, will disappear in refined descriptions and formulations. But the essence remains former. Density, sensitivity of processing can be coordinated in advance.

If the customer can only formulate basic provisions what are required to be opened in the text, then creation of the text lays down on the expert's shoulders. In this case, the customer provides a brief – the specification. All nuances and details of the advertized product, services have to be reflected in a brief. If the text not advertizing, and it is necessary to specify in a brief. It will be required to report the approximate or exact volume of the necessary text.

In general, tasks happen different. Style of the created text and modes of work with it depends on their specifics. Tasks cause the experts involved in creation of texts. The translator, the stacker, the editor, the copywriter – These experts are strong everyone in the business. Therefore, depending on the arriving tasks, professional skills of different experts are used.

It should be noted separately the special factor which is directly defining success of the project in general and efficiency of the created product:

As the text is created for the subsequent scoring, the experts working constantly in the sphere of creation of texts for scoring take part in creation of the text. The subsequent application of the text in scoring confers on texts specialists responsibility to how the created text when it is sounded will sound. After all not any well readable text well sounds when reading-voiced. Therefore, on the text it is necessary to look first of all as at the text "Sounding", but not at the text which is simply written.

Scoring of the text

The text is verified and prepared with all necessary marks on necessary intonations, semantic accents. Accents in controversial and not dictionary words, professional terms are put down. Abbreviations, reductions are deciphered. Now the text can be sounded.

Depending on subject of the text, from an orientation, style, a form, this or that announcer is pertinent. Perhaps, it is difficult for that who has no experience with announcers to make an optimum choice of the announcer. Therefore, options of voices will be absolutely free of charge provided. But, to make such selection with the maximum accuracy, it is required also to listen to preferences of the customer on a voice. On a sex of the announcer, age, on subjective perception of the speech (the free description, what impressions have to arise when listening a voice).

Aren't less important, and it is frequent, are the defining factor in the announcer's choice – wishes under the budget, i.e. the approximate range of the arranged prices. Like online stores:

Having come into the catalog of goods, you establish a framework of the prices – "FROM" and "TO". The same and with announcers. The announcers corresponding to the budget will be offered you. A final choice of the announcer – for you.

Post-processing (services of the sound producer in work with the sounded text)

Actually, the sound producer worked already at the time of the beginning of record of a voice of the announcer, but the main work of the sound producer begins after record of a voice of the announcer.

We often come up against a situation of misunderstanding by the customer of an essence of works on post-processing. Therefore, we will try to explain most well.

The matter is that the ordinary customer sometimes doesn't think of the works necessary in creation of a product. And it is correct, after all the customer is interested in the end result. However, on what has to be the end result we don't know expectation of the customer a priori.

And, above all that will require to find out definition, whether post-processing, it is necessary:

  1. Whether the postscoring, i.e., initial material is required. In this case, crude material will be provided for further work on the party of the customer. Further works will be performed by the customer's forces. It means that any post-processing isn't required.
  2. Whether a certain ready-made product is required. In this case, it is required to report all details connected with what the product has to be. Then the postscoring will be appropriately processed and subsequently the ready-made product will be mounted.

Work with customers (maintaining orders for scoring of the text)

Well and, of course, whatever were orders – difficult, easy, expensive, low budget, only the manager works with all this. At a work stage with the client the manager collects all necessary information on the order. The budget is formed, terms are established, the list of necessary works, the participating announcers is agreed.

And only after coordination of all nuances and payment the order is started in work. Important at a stage of preliminary discussion to tell to the manager all details. These details will help with successful creation of the expected product.

Here such experts take part in process of scoring of texts. We will list them:

  • Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Announcer
  • Sound producer