We can sound video

by Voice Russian
on 01 January 2015

Visual dynamic content goes hand in hand with an audiorow. The visual information changing in time needs high-quality scoring. We divide scoring of a visual row into the following categories:

  • Announcer's scoring
  • Actor's scoring
  • Noise scoring
  • Sound scoring
  • Musical scoring

Video forms

There are many options of an embodiment of visual information through video forms. Their realization actively develops in art genres, popular scientific, entertaining and others. Video is made for realization to consumers, for implementation of content marketing, virus advertizing and for many other purposes.

The visual content sounded in our studio is various. We will try to give a number of the video forms sounded by us.

We can sound:

Advertizing videos

- Video advertizing scoring by sounds, music, sound effects, speech (announcer's and actor's execution).

Animation flash movies

- Scoring of flash animation by interesting and original sounds, music. On the present the original sound design supplements that design which is already available in the moving picture.

Presentation video movies of the companies

- Scoring of video presentations by an offscreen voice of the announcer, against a musical substrate with use of sound elements for a rear-fill of episodes with infographics.

Advertizing animated rollers

- A postscoring of advertizing animated cartoons actor's execution with use of license or original music. Synchronous use of comedy and other sounds.

Animated cartoons for children

- Scoring of characters of children's animated cartoons by comedy voices. Use of ridiculous sounds and comedy effects. Writing of original music to animated films with ensuring synchronism of musical registration and a binding to actions on a plot.

Animated films for adults

- Animated cartoons are watched also by adults. Only genres of such animated films differ. It both popular scientific animated films, and educational, and entertaining. We make scoring of such animated films in the spirit of a genre with use of the corresponding musical, noise registration with announcer's offscreen and synchronous actor's execution.

Animated series

- We create original stylish sound musical registration which can be used from series to series. Selection of suitable announcers and scoring of characters by them from a series to a series.

Art series

- Professional scoring of art series synchronous or role with combination with a video series or with granting a sound track, as combined with an original path and separately - only a postscoring of our studio.


- An offscreen ozvuchaniye of documentary viyeomaterial announcers with possible use of musical registration.

Art cinema

- Actor's scoring of feature films with full actor's immersion in the character. Dubbing-in and repostscoring of the independent film and rolling feature films.


- Scoring of video lectures by an offscreen voice of the announcer. Registration of the training video programs musical author's works and creation of a design original set of sound event elements.

Video guides

- An offscreen ozvuchaniye in Russian and foreign languages of accompanying video projects and a postscoring by offscreen voices of several characters of video assistants in various interactive projects.

Video books

- Continuation of a popular format of books with use of visual content. Ozvuchany videos in style of audiobooks with theatrical, art sound registration. A bright actor's or neutral announcer's postscoring by pleasant voices with full immersion in the offered circumstances.

Interactive video projects

Musical and sound registration of interactive video projects original unique audiocontent. Creation of special design library of the video project. Use of special effects according to a genre and a format of the project.

Videos from photos

- Strengthening of dynamics necessarily due to announcer's giving, use of suitable music and various sounds synchronously with the changing slides in video.

Video trailers

- An announcer's postscoring of video trailers with use as original musically noise registration, and with creation of the new.

Video sites

- Ozvuchaniye of texts for installation in a format of the video sites. Such execution is possible in the form of offscreen announcer's or offscreen actor's. For a rear-fill or a repostscoring of an original sound of assistants to the video sites perhaps duplicated announcer's and actor's pronunciation.

Video blogs

- Filling of video blogs content in a narrative genre. A postscoring of video podcasts for placement in video blogs of the Internet.

Video infographics

- information, multimedia projects become original sounds, music, bright, dynamic and interesting at their rear-fill, in infografichesky style. Maintenance the videoinfograficheskikh of materials offscreen reading, synchronization of a voice with infografichesky elements of a video series and strengthening of synchronism by means of sound special effects.

Sound design in video

The sound design can be embodied in the most different decisions and video forms. Depending on the sounded project, this or that approach in sound direction can be necessary and here not to do without sound design.

In an audiorow can closely intertwine an offscreen and synchronous, announcer's and actor's postscoring. Noise registration, sound special effects and methods of installation. All this can be beautiful and harmoniously weaved among themselves and a musical cloth which can be author's, specially written for the specific project.

Depending on, whether there has to be a registration original or not, the most different approach can be chosen. Of course, original sounding - is always good, but it simply isn't required to some projects. Therefore, let us know as you wish to sound video.

Let us know about your project, tell us about where and as you plan it to use, report your requirements to its audiocomponent and we will make the individual offer on sound design of your project.

To sound video - it is easy!