We can sound the text of an audioroller

by Voice Russian
on 01 January 2015

To sound the text of an audioroller for the subsequent its installation are we with ease can!

Prepare the advertizing text of an audioroller, send us, pay and receive a ready postscoring in the form of several doubles in the MP3 format directly on your mail.

You can independently carry out further installation.

The customer can sound the text of an audioroller as by simple scoring of the text and sending record in the form of several doubles. This file will be mono in the MP3 format. All subsequent works on installation of the most advertizing product will be carried out by the customer independently.

Or it is possible to sound the text with the subsequent production of the commercial. It means that the customer will receive an advertizing product, completely ready for air. The commercial format accepted to receiving by default - a MP3 stereo. If it is necessary to provide a roller in any other format it is possible without any problems.

For simple scoring of texts of audiorollers it is necessary to pay attention to preparation of the text and providing additional information to announcer's giving.

Preparation of the text includes all works on creation of the text which will be sounded by the announcer:

  • It is extremely important to watch timing. It is necessary to remember the following rule - each 10 words of the text are pledged by 5 seconds of dynamic, its vigorous reading by the announcer. It is absolutely optional to adjust the text to within a second, after all there are methods of compression and stretching of a sound. Knowledge of the corresponding instruments of compression and stretching, will allow to adjust timing at an installation stage with an accuracy of milliseconds.
  • Having highlighted in bold type some words in the text you accurately will let know that on these words it is necessary to place emphases.
  • Writing of letters in words by means of an intituling, underlinings and allocations will allow to transfer as to read accents. There is no need to state accents in each word, but professional and technical terms, controversial words, names of streets, cities, surnames, brands and other need to be filled with such information on a pronunciation.
  • The reduced terms need to be deciphered (to register in brackets how to say).
  • To register foreign words in brackets with a transcription.

Following to these rules will allow to receive the text without mistakes in reading, will relieve of rewriting and will correspond to timing of the mounted commercial. Study please the approximate table characterizing timing of a roller depending on number of words.

Table of timing

Marks to the table:

  • Each three letters of the text intended to scoring need to be considered as one word.
  • Consider the text actually as it will be read by the announcer, to a t.a if has to sound when reading so - "Бюро медицинских услуг", and is written so - "БМУ", and it is necessary to consider it as three words, but not as reduced one.

Tasks happen different. And not always ensuring the highest efficiency of a roller is a priority task. Often the desire of the customer to sate the text with information maximum per a unit of time reaches to the point of absurdity. And still, there is an adequate ratio of number of words to the turning-out timing of a roller.

Here recommended by us, the table of necessary number of words for receiving the demanded timing of a roller at normal speed:

Russian Text Timing Table

We make scoring of texts of commercials on a constant basis and are aimed at long-term cooperation that guarantees reliability in rendering services and transparency in pricing, and it is pledge of successful cooperation.