We can sound the audiobook

by Voice Russian
on 01 January 2015

Listening of the books sounded by means of software or in online, quickly tires hearing since has very low-quality sounding. It is connected by that such audiobooks reads a program code, but not the person.

Live scoring by voice provides presence, doesn't strain hearing, weakens, perhaps...

Nuances of program scoring

In order that the program generated a sound, it is trained previously by programmers and other experts.

In the program - the text converter in the speech put the database based on various set of rules. Technologies of transformation of the text into a sound move in two innovative directions:

  1. The elements which are written down in an audio database are compiled
  2. Audiodata on the calculated parameters of the hidden Markov models are synthesized.

As a result of work of program algorithms, the technique of transformation of the text into a sound is reduced to four stages:

  • Reading text, data collection
  • Analysis of the text and formation of rules of processing
  • Substitution of the corresponding elements
  • Data of fragments and converting in an audioformat

synthesis of audiobooks

That such speech which turned out as a result of work of programs sounded naturally, uncountable sets of rules are put, it is necessary for achievement of naturalness of a timbre, measured sounding of the synthesized voice and live for intonation. Accents in words, reductions and other nuances demand huge researches of experts - linguists, programmers and many others.

Despite huge work on "hominifying" of the turning-out texts, intonations at such scoring nevertheless continue to sound unnaturally, is monotonously automatic and robotized. The result of such execution suits only for technical listening of information so far. Though, that day when texts are exorcized in the manner of the person so that it will be impossible to distinguish live execution from the program is possible and is near. Some technologies very seriously move ahead in this direction, the striking example to it is "Google the Translator" (online translation of texts).

Scoring by the announcer



We offer the classical, third direction - Scoring of the text by a natural human voice.

In order that the book turned out qualitative, it is necessary to read it, using the professional equipment. Without human resources not to do without work of the professional announcer here. Intonations which the person can give, are inaccessible to program codes. To connect words with sense and to transfer this communication with the help of means of expression of a human voice - here our work.

We sound audiobooks for the most different branches.

We carry out orders for scoring of books from various publishers, libraries, various establishments, the rendered services e-learning with use of information and telecommunication technologies.

These are so-called guides, navigators, audiocards, abc-books, textbooks, self-instruction manuals and various audiocourses.


To receive the book performed by the real announcer it is necessary to pass only three stages!:

  1. You send the text
  2. You pay work of the announcer and sound producer
  3. You receive material in a necessary format


If you need to sound the audiobook, address to our studio, we to you will make it qualitatively, quickly (though it and not such fast process) and is rather inexpensive.