We can sound game

by Voice Russian
on 01 January 2015

At the beginning writing of the game project difficult, and sometimes it is absolutely impossible to foresee success of the game project for all hundred percent. It is very important to imagine it most precisely.

For whom is it necessary?

In case of success, the game project the huge number will draw attention to itself. There will be a demand, there will be a need for further advance and monetization. And also, there will be a need of the solution of a number of questions, connected with copyright. And it is necessary to pave the way for this purpose from the very beginning. This moment is very important as for the investors who are carrying out financial investments at early stages of creation of game and for sponsors who will be put in development of the project with a growth of its popularity.

- Investors and sponsors – is those it is important to whom to minimize risks with what they were connected. And risks of unauthorzsed use of sound registration can destroy euphoria from success of the project at all. Of course, besides a sound component, there are a lot more various criteria defining popularity of game and factors of monetization. But the sound in game is a huge pole of contact with users. And if to move away him, important communication which if won't destroy contact will disappear, it will complicate is exact!

  1. Legality - we recommend strongly to respect the rules of copyright
  2. Originality - we suggest developers of games to create qualitative and original sound content.
  3. Relevance - we suggest to use services of professionals in the field of sound design, capable to reflect a visual picture by means of a sound cloth.

Thus, we suggest to insure the enclosed investments into development of the project.

We will try to make the review of creation of games in the context of a sound component which production we offer. In what cases our services and as it is combined with work on game projects in general are necessary. So:

- Game creation

Beginning the game project, there is a mass of requirements on creation of its sound elements. Sometimes, the turned-out sound can cardinally coordinate a development vector. Ideas on the realization course can be brought. Thus, creation of a sound and the game become a whole. And in this case, it is difficult to foresee that it is necessary to make in the sound plan. Everything is solved on the production course. When work on the game project goes on all fronts at the same time, the stylistic impression of future game, its harmonious integrity is solved.

After game is created and already overall picture seems not only to her founders, but also ordinary people (to users, investors, sponsors and t.) always there is a number of the moments connected with its completion, otshlifovky details and it, certainly, involves works on an additional postscoring.

- Additional scoring of game

Additional scoring can be connected with clearer idea of what has to be the sound picture. And it is important not to lose touches with developers of a sound picture as such loss can pour out in a repostscoring. Though, it will want to pereozvuchit game, perhaps, after its readiness.

- Game repostscoring

The game repostscoring connected with repayment of the rights for it becomes a stage of bringing game to mind for the purpose of its commercialization. It is quite possible that during compilation of game it was carried out draft sound registration, and after readiness of all project its full, high-quality sound registration is made.

Game is created, projects on its advance in masses are started and there is a demand for localization.

- Game localization

To have to carry out additional works with a sound for realization of localization on a certain language. It is necessary to make a transfer of text materials, as already existing in a printing form (inscriptions, credits and other elements), and in sound (voices of characters, the offscreen attendant of a voice and it is possible, lyrics). We are ready to execute sound component of games at their localization.

Filling of emptiness in the picture, creation of a variety is only a banal and mediocre task. In most cases, it is worth using any sound registration and tasks of a variety and filling of emptiness will be reached. But it is important to make it with achievement over tasks about which it was told above: legality, originality, relevance. And it is promoted by zealous approach at creation of sound content.

Sound content of games

Of course, seldom game does without sound. The sound can and has to become part of game process, process of interaction with users. Sound registration of game carries away, creates mood and in global sense – recognizable style. Use of professional voices of announcers, author's soundtracks, musical sounds, original and pertinent sound and sound effects will help to create the unique atmosphere of game, her sound picture.

To draw really beautiful and qualitative sound cloth we offer:

  • To sound game by voices - scoring of characters in game, offscreen narrations, dialogues, legends.
  • To sound game by music - creation of original musical registration of games (soundtracks, substrates, beating).
  • To sound game by musical sounds – production of a design musical package, set of musical sounds, for a binding to these or those events in game.
  • To sound game by sound effects – creation of the special effects causing still bigger immersion in the offered circumstances with observance of synchronism of actions or without such binding.
  • To sound game by sound effects – performance of a number of tasks of creation of the noise component directed on involvement of the user on an embodiment of the truthful sound atmosphere.

Actually, on direct scoring of game, work on a sound don't come to an end. The sound cloth has to stretch and out of limits of the game project. It is necessary for involvement of new users and development. Creation of the accompanying content helps to get into all spheres. Work on its creation is necessary for advance of game in masses. It is a task marketing lays down on content.

Advance of games with the help marketing content

For promoting of game projects reference weight is necessary as the breath of life. For obtaining reference mass of the leader on projects in a network creation of the interesting content supporting the main resource is used. These are various virus rollers, mini games, промо the projects and other marketing decisions capable to provide the gross growth of links, to generate reviews, descriptions, comments.

Loyalty of marketing can stretch from creation and distribution of free interesting content to aggressive advertizing in the form of trailers on the Internet or commercials in various mass media.

Content marketing is capable to resolve issues on creation of discussions and discussions of game in a network. And all works on creation of sound contents, the extended content, we will carry out to some extent, necessarily, style compliance of the advanced game.