We can sound a voice greeting

by Voice Russian
on 01 January 2015

Service of scoring of voice greetings contains a number of options which can be expressed the list of questions:

  • To make the text of a voice greeting?
  • Voice greeting by a man's or female voice? To nurseries?
  • To sound a voice greeting?
  • To make a voice greeting?
  • Voice greeting - the only message to the subscriber or how part of the voice menu?
  • Voice greeting in the form of an advertizing audioroller?
  • Voice greeting with musical registration or without it?

We will try to make small digression to a subject of creation of voice greetings for the purpose of disclosure of answers to the questions posed.

Options of a voice greeting

Maintenance of a greeting and its postscoring by voice

The effect from listening of a voice greeting is commensurable with effect from a letter prchteniye (from his handwriting, color and the contents). Handwriting (a timbre and diction of the announcer) will be how beautiful causes general impression from listening of a voice greeting.

  1. The content of the letter (information message of a greeting to the listener) will define perception and volume of information which will be transferred by means of a greeting.
  2. Color of the letter (in our case - a man's, female or children's voice) positions mood of the message and in many respects, is calculated on target audience.

It is clear that in most cases, there is a desire to capture as it is possible large audience, then it is necessary to choose between a man's and female voice.

It is necessary to consider also an age category of a voice of the announcer. Specifics of business, products or the rendered services, ways of interaction with consumers of services and production of the company, are anyway connected with an age category of a voice and its sex.

For example, the greeting of bank can be quite harmoniously sounded by a man's, mature voice. The voice greeting of the online store which is engaged in sale of modern gadgets is expected to hear performed by a vigorous voice of the young man. The greeting of salon of cosmetology services performed by the young girl, for certain will work on the purpose of activity of the company. And the children's voice in a greeting of toy store, a kidswear and footwear, the children's centers and other enterprises, will well and pertinently transfer specifics and activity.

Scoring of a voice greeting

Scoring of a voice greeting won't mark its readiness yet. After the text is made and sounded, the turned-out record needs to be mounted and processed taking into account line capacity, to convert in a certain format for compliance to technical requirements of automatic telephone exchange or the telephony Internet. Perhaps, it will be necessary to bring certain tags in the sound file.

All these actions it is provided possible to carry out independently. And it provides to customers economy of the means spent for production of voice greetings. Therefore, we can simply sound a voice greeting and send the turned-out record in the form of several doubles to an e-mail address. All further operations on creation of a voice greeting in this case, the customer carries out independently.

Creation of a voice greeting

To make a voice greeting means to carry out a number of necessary actions for scoring of the text of a greeting, processing of the turned-out record and saving of the sound file in a necessary format. The customer receives a voice greeting, already ready to installation.

In order that the greeting was established and sounded correctly, it is necessary to report previously all requirements of automatic telephone exchange or a telephony. If requirements aren't present or the available information hasn't enough, it is possible to download various versions of formats, to establish and listen to sounding. Demos of the version of sound files are neutral on the sounding and aren't attached to any specifics. If such greetings are introduced to actively used line, there will be no unusual situations with the inappropriate maintenance of a voice greeting.

Greeting or menu

The voice greeting of the company can be the only audio an element in a chain of establishment of contact with the subscriber, and can be part of the difficult menu. The voice menu it is possible to present trees in the form. A certain hierarchy and priority of its various branches defines its informational content, ease of perception, convenience in navigation and efficiency of use.

As a part of the menu, the voice greeting more often and in most cases, is in the top of hierarchy of sequences of messages.

The scheme of the voice menu on the basis of structure of the organization:

The scheme of the voice menu on the basis of structure of the organization

The text of the main voice greeting on the basis of structure of the organization can be approximately such:

Hello! You called in voicerussian.com product company. To contact department of sale gather in a tone mode 1. Department of production - 2. Financial department - 3. For communication with the operator remain on the line.

The voice greeting located in the top of links distributes a flow of addresses of subscribers on departameta, branches, departments, offices of the company, parallel to its physical structure.

But it is possible to make hierarchy of the menu, making a start from the information contents necessary for subscribers. For example, after the main greeting there can be a description of activity of the company, information on production and services, a link with the description of actions and so on.

The scheme of the voice menu on the basis of information content:

The scheme of the voice menu on the basis of information content

The text of the main voice greeting on the basis of information content can be approximately such:

Hello! You called in voicerussian.com product company. To listen to information on our company, gather in a tone mode 1. To listen to information on goods and services - 2. For listening of information on actions and interesting commodity offers gather 3. For communication with the consultant remain on the line.

Combining the messages attached to structure of the company with the messages based on information content it is possible to create very effective models of the menu which will successfully meet all requirements of the company for logistics of addresses and information self-sufficiency of messages that can define in many respects dynamics of development of communication with consumers, so - development of the company.

The commercial by phone

The voice greeting in the form of the commercial is use of the telephone line as the advertizing carrier. Such inappropriate use can be very effective, but can serve bad service at abuse.

Predstvte to himself - the subscriber calls in the company and at connection, instead of expected "Hello!..." the flow of information of advertizing character sounds. In general, any advertizing needs to be given whenever possible interestingly, pertinently and softly. It means here that:

  • The advertisement has to be useful as it is possible for bigger number of potential subscribers
  • Advertizing messages it is necessary is comprehended to position separate blocks, to listen which, subscribers can at own will, having gained certain figures or their combinations in a tone mode. If there is no possibility of use of such teams, it is possible to formulate the unique greeting as follows:

First of all welcome information, заканчивющаяся is said by the offer to listen to useful information in a waiting time of the answer of the operator. Then the dividing signal and further the advertizing message sounds.

Of course, possibly to reproduce the commercial from the very beginning of contact establishment. To solve it - a prerogative of responsible persons of the company. And in some cases, such decision can become very effective. But the marketing analysis of prerequisites and consequences of such use is extremely important.

Musical registration in voice greetings

Use in voice messages of musical registration as a background or as the main audioelement perhaps and sometimes, is necessary. But quite often, use of musical registration restrains technical characteristics of all path used for ensuring communications with subscribers.

For example, parameters of compression I jumped (requirements to a format of the file of a voice greeting) can tell much about that, sounding of musical registration will be perceived how qualitatively.