We can create advertizing

by Voice Russian
on 01 January 2015

- And you can make a roller, and we will solve then, we suit it or not?

With what to begin?

To carry out the successful advertizing company by means of an effective advertizing product, it is necessary to make a number of the thought-over actions previously:

  • To conduct market researches of the advertized goods, service or a brand.
  • To define preferences and expectations of target audience.
  • To study sales market statistics, the main successful directions on sales.
  • To formulate the specification on production (The specification the brief and/or the scenario can be considered).

Carrier choice

Not all goods and services are equally successfully advertized on different types of carriers of advertizing. For example, pawnshops, for obvious reasons, it is better to advertize by means of outdoor advertizing than the Internet and TV of advertizing. The right choice of the advertizing carrier can be a successful entry point in target audience and provide efficiency of the advertizing company. To the contrary, the wrong choice of the advertizing carrier can bring completely to naught all efforts and waste the advertizing budget.

Besides direct, aggressive advertizing on radio and TV, it is possible to use for carrying out the advertizing companies of possibility of content marketing on the Internet. The edition and the subsequent publication of interesting and informative audio and video of content on the Internet at forums, city portals, own sites, blogs and social communities can become a cataloguer of addresses of potential consumers to conversion, the subsequent transformation into sales.

Wherever the advertizing company was planned, it has to be thought carefully over by the specialist of marketing department of the company. Efforts of marketing specialists put efficiency of the advertizing companies. It has to be the person understanding branch, knowing the consumer and possessing large volume of statistics of sales. Experience of the previous advertizing companies (both positive, and negative, both in the company, and in the companies competitors) for the good marketing analyst to become the assistant in the doctrine on others mistakes.

After the task is made

Having addressed to us after market researches are carried out, the company with guarantee will receive an advertizing product, the most corresponding both to the global purposes of development of the company, and specific goals of the most advertizing company. For example:

To sell such goods of such audience.

Thus the customer (the marketing specialist, the manager) defines to us all advertizing means which are necessary for him. It concerns the most different trifles. We welcome yours faithfully such addresses. The scrupulous problem definition in the specification allows us to show in reply professionalism in the fullest volume and according to requirements.

We carry out production of advertizing audio and video of the materials "Turnkey" and in the form of components:

  • Production of the scenario for audio of advertizing on a brief
  • Development of the scenario of video of advertizing on a brief
  • Production of audio of advertizing according to the scenario
  • Production of video of advertizing according to the scenario

Also, according to the specification we carry out the following types of works:

  • Production of video of presentations
  • Scoring of video of presentations
  • Scoring of texts for audio of commercials
  • Scoring of texts for video of commercials
  • Scoring of texts of video of presentations
  • Postscoring of any other advertizing texts
  • Production of any other advertizing videos
  • Postscoring of any other advertizing videos

Hopes of customers that we will be able to make with guarantee without accurate specification that at random will shoot, are almost doomed initially. And when such hits happen, we them never write off for the professionalism, as it only accidents. And as manufacturers of advertizing content, we a priori can't make an advertizing product which at random will get and will shoot with a guarantee at 100%.

We tell it directly and if other producers of advertizing content approve the return, it means that they assume additional obligations for difficult market researches or they simply dissemble.

Not we do advertizing effective, we in accuracy perform concrete tasks for creation of effective advertizing. We don't make false promises. But we try to render professionally and qualitatively services in creation of advertizing content for placement on radio and TV, in supermarkets and other public institutions. For placement on Internet open spaces. We do audio and video advertizing, being guided only by the specification.

Abstract wishes of the customer plus our creative opportunities can quite give excellent, in our opinion, results. But, nevertheless, we prefer to regard as of paramount importance preferences of the customer and to send creative and professional opportunities to the course of their practical application.