How to make video postscoring into Russian

by Voice Russian
on 01 January 2015

To make a repostscoring of video it is professional, it is necessary, participation of the corresponding experts. It is only this way possible to receive a postscoring for which it isn't necessary to redden neither before the management, nor before colleagues, partners and clients.

To sound video, the clear understanding of the demanded works is required. You have to know, the list of the works containing in given a task.

To sound video., It seems, everything is clear, on the contrary! And we will be able to list the list of the works connected with this task. But for this purpose we need two things:

  1. To learn your wishes about the end result.
  2. To watch the video.

What wishes!? After all it is told - it is required to sound the video! - Again you will exclaim.

For belief you in probability of a different approach, we will give an example.

You wrote down the video, making entry of the screen in a usage time there is nobody an online service which you wish to advertize. Also sounded the video in process of record under way. After video was seen in your collective, you in common made the decision on a repostscoring the professional announcer.

And first of all you made removal of the text, i.e., wrote down everything in a text format, something was told in the video. Further the text was required to be corrected. Having corrected it a little, you address for a repostscoring.

In this case, specifying, it is possible to tell - now it is required to read synchronously the text and to build in record instead of the available.

So, what here nuances?

First, at once it will be required to find out, whether the text is accompanied by time code marks. Such marks of time by which the binding of fragments of the text to fragments in video is designated. If these tags are, it will be required to find out, how correctly they are put down.

If there is a binding of the beginning and the terminations of phrases, at a time code too there have to be tags of the beginning and the termination. Further, it is required to specify as far as the text is laid and synchronous with video. Business here in what. When you began to correct the text, you could be fond and go too far, having added too much text or having removed it too much so that at the subsequent scoring it is necessary to write down with big deviations on speed rhythm, and at installation on a time code, the audio will contract for compliance to time code tags.

Here such specifications. But it was only the example. In tasks of a repostscoring of video similar to this description, other nuances can meet. And in video sounded in a foreign language will arise also other questions. In video repostscoring, issued by audiodesign, respectively there will be specifications.

Therefore we also approve need of preview of material.

Well and when video will be seen, and we will get acquainted with the text, it is possible to choose the announcer and to coordinate the concrete cost of works on video repostscoring.

Send the requests for video repostscoring for contacts which you can see in the top of this site.