As to make the sounded video of the Russian text

by Voice Russian
on 01 January 2015

Here question! And actually, question not such and idle. After all in any sounded video there was a text earlier. But how this text began to sound by voice of the Russian announcer?

And there are two options

  1. The voice postscoring was synthesized.
  2. The voice postscoring was written down in a microphone.

And through a microphone we will also talk about scoring option further, i.e., how to make the sounded video of the text in Russian.

That video became sounded it is necessary

  1. To prepare the text in Russian
  2. To sound the text the native speaker of Russian
  3. To process a postscoring
  4. To mount a postscoring
  5. To import the audiofile to video the container

From these five points to you as to the initiator of a postscoring, it is necessary to work over the first point very densely. Why? Simply the text is expression of your idea, thought, an appeal. What do you want to tell? What would you want to tell audiences (from your name or on behalf of the company which you represent) lips of the professional Russian announcer? Agree, your purposes and tasks are clear to you, as to nobody else.

Preparation of the text in Russian

Preparation of the text includes not only its edition as that, but also its such processing which will allow to mount an audiopath synchronously subsequently.

- Synchronously to mount?

Matter in the following. If the text is measured by quantity of symbols and words, the audio is measured by temporary indicators, i.e., seconds, minutes and hours. And to a certain volume of the Russian text there corresponds timing in audio.

Therefore, by preparation of the Russian text it is necessary to consider this compliance, i.e., correcting the text it is necessary to count, how many this text will borrow time after reading. At this stage follows also to place a time code. The time code is the basis to a certain arrangement in video of the sounded text.

Considering a time code during installation, audiomaterial settles down strictly in certain places. And thanks to a time code the conceived synchronism is reached. Synchronism in this case is expressed through sounding of an offscreen postscoring in Russian in those places where it is necessary. "Where it is necessary" it is the key phrase. For transfer of the wishes about the location of the Russian postscoring it is required to put down a time code.

Postscoring, processing, installation, import to video

And here, when the Russian text was correctly prepared, we can give it for scoring in Russian. Further your cares come to an end. In work the Russian announcer and the sound producer are connected.

We will sound the text in Russian and we will process record - the sound will become dense, bright, commercial.

We will enclose the processed sound under a video track and we will cut on fragments which will be placed according to a time code.

On the end of installation it is necessary to keep all project in the form of the file in video format with the imported audiopath.

Here we also opened a subject as to make the sounded video of the Russian text.

So that to make the sounded video of the Russian text, it will be required to prepare carefully the text in Russian. And all other works will be made by us. You receive the video, already ready to the publication.