As to impose the Russian postscoring on video

by Voice Russian
on 01 January 2015

If you have a video which needs a new postscoring in Russian (new scoring in Russian happens it is necessary very often), realization of this task depends on video. I will explain, what does it mean.

The matter is that before anew sounding, i.e. to impose a new Russian postscoring on video, we look at video and we estimate the available.

Widespread options:

  • Video in a foreign language.
  • Video with actors in a shot who are required to be sounded in Russian.
  • Video with an offscreen voice which is required to be changed to Russian.
  • Video with synchronous maintenance by an offscreen voice (the speech is rigidly attached to events in a shot).
  • Video without speech, but with music.


A lot of things from the listed can be present at a combination with each other within one roller intended to a new postscoring into Russian. But, anyway, everything is reduced to two options:

  1. To impose the Russian postscoring on the existing audiopath.
  2. To create a new Russian audiopath, and available to delete.

For example, if in video the foreign speech also there are actors at a shot, it is possible to impose the voiced Russian translation over their voices. But perhaps and to make dubbing-in in Russian - these actors in a shot will start talking in Russian.

In order that as a new postscoring to make the Russian dubbing-in, it will be required to remove original voices and to build in the Russian postscoring. And if against the foreign speech music and other sounds (background noise or synchronous sounds) sounds, they too will leave.

Sense here in what. In video all sounds are connected in one continuous by audio a stream. We hear music layers (it is possible and to be expressed so) i.e., we divide - music, and here the speech, and here noise now sounds. And from the technical point of view all these components can't be stratified.

Therefore, there are only two options, about them and was mentioned above: either to replace, or to add a sound. It is necessary to decide on a choice of these options first of all. And it will strongly predetermine amount of works on a new postscoring in Russian. As a rule, replacement of an audiopath - the most expensive option.

You are at a loss in decision-making how to impose the Russian postscoring on video?

Address on the contacts specified on the site, and you receive council as to impose the Russian postscoring on video.